Passaic County Juvenile Attorneys

Our juvenile attorneys have little doubt that you are concerned as a result of your child being charged with a criminal offense in Passaic County. No one wants their son or daughter’s future to be comprised and we appreciate that as much as anyone. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall also know that there is a lot that can probably be achieved by our defense team to minimize or possibly even eliminate a criminal conviction. If you would like to speak to a lawyer at our firm immediately in a free initial consultation, contact our Wayne Office today at 862-203-4070.

Juvenile Charges in Paterson New Jersey

Jurisdiction to decide juvenile charges issued in Wayne, Clifton, Little Falls, West Millford and other municipalities in Passaic County rests exclusively in the Family Division of the Superior Court in Paterson New Jersey. There is no legal authority for a local municipal court or other tribunal to handle juvenile cases. The result is that all juvenile cases are

All criminal complaints filed against minors in Passaic County are centrally filed with Juvenile Delinquency Intake in Paterson NJ. The allegations contained in the complaint are reviewed, along with the age, seriousness of the offense and the prior record of the accused, to determine whether the matter shall be handled at a formal hearing or through Juvenile Conference Committee or Juvenile Referee.

When a juvenile offense results in formal proceedings, your child must be represented by an attorney. There is no discretion on the part of a parent or guardian to forgo representation – their only option is to hire a defense lawyer or to apply for a public defender based on limited income. Your representative will have to appear at all proceedings in the juvenile case.

Detention of Juveniles Accused of Delinquency in Passaic County

The state is permitted to detain a child accused of a criminal violation if he/she is believed to be a threat to members of the public or to property. Passaic County no longer maintains its own detention facility so your son or daughter will be transported to the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center if they are kept in custody. The juvenile is entitled to a retention hearing the morning following initial detention. This is when the accused has the opportunity to contest the continued need for incarceration. The goal is always release without conditions although home confinement and electronic monitoring is another option.

Paterson Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child is facing a criminal charge in Paterson, you absolutely need to retain a NJ juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible. The Passaic County juvenile attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your child against an unfavorable outcome. We are a team of former prosecutors with over 100 years of combined years in practice. An attorney with the skills you require is available to assist you 24/7 by contacting our Wayne Office at (862) 203-4070. Call us for a free consultation at your earliest convenience.