Juvenile Criminal Charge in Monmouth County

Every criminal charge issued against a juvenile in Monmouth County is referred to the Juvenile Part of the Family Division of the Superior Court in Freehold New Jersey. There is no jurisdiction for a local municipal court like the one in Middletown, Howell, Marlboro, Ocean Township or another town to handle a criminal offense involving a juvenile. Your child’s case will be resolved at the county courthouse in Freehold. You will be required as the parent or guardian of someone accused of juvenile delinquency to hire a lawyer. The only exception to this requirement is for those whose income is such that they qualify for a free attorney known as a public defender.

The Monmouth County Juvenile Lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are highly qualified to represent your son or daughter. The team of criminal attorneys includes several former prosecutors and possesses over a century of combined experience litigating juvenile charges in Freehold. We are prepared to undertake a thorough defense so that your child is afforded maximum protection. To discuss the facts of your case with a lawyer on our staff, contact us anytime 24/7 at 732-462-1197. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Charged With A Criminal Offense In Freehold New Jersey

Juveniles are charged with criminal offenses all the time in the county so it certainly is not unusual that your child is facing a violation in Freehold. Hundreds of cases are processed by the juvenile court each year with many involving questioning without the presence of a parent. There are also a fair share of matters that result in juvenile detention. The key irrespective of your issue(s) is to identify the juvenile defense lawyer that you believe is most qualified to represent your child. We would like to believe that our the lawyers at our firm represent a potent option in this respect given our extensive experience defending Freehold juvenile offenses. We are qualified to defend whatever variety of juvenile case you have pending including:

If your child is facing one of these or another juvenile charge in Monmouth County, the first notice you will receive will probably be a counsel mandatory plea hearing. This is the hearing where your child must appear with representation and enter his/her initial plea. The court cannot proceed with the matter unless you have retained counsel.

Juvenile Offense Attorneys in Freehold New Jersey

Freehold is the nucleus for juvenile complaints in Monmouth County. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases over the years in this venue. We are well acquainted with the personnel in the jurisdiction, including the juvenile prosecutors at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, and the strategies which tend to be most effective in favorably resolving cases. To speak to a member of our team who the knowledge you need to succeed on behalf of your son or daughter, contact our Freehold Office. An attorney is available 24/7 to assist you.