Juvenile Assault Offenses

NJ Juvenile Lawyer: Assault Offenses

It might have just been a comment out of anger, a practical joke, a fight after school, or a trumped up charge. However, if your juvenile child has been arrested or accused of assault in New Jersey they will face serious penalties. There two different types of assault, which are classified as simple assault and aggravated assault. Simple assault is a disorderly persons offense unless committed in a fight or scuffle entered into by mutual consent, in which case it is a petty disorderly persons offense. Simple assault can quickly escalate to the more serious offense of aggravated assault if the dispute involved a weapon, or the person was seriously injured, or a police officer was assaulted. If your minor child is charged with aggravated assault then they may even face mandatory incarceration while their delinquency hearing is pending.

Defenses to Assault Charges: Self-defense and unforeseeable injury

There are several possible defenses to an assault charge. Maybe your child felt they were in danger and acted in self-defense or maybe there was no way that they could have foreseen that their actions would cause an injury to another. In most cases both of these scenarios would warrant a valid defense to assault Our attorney will examine all aspects of your case in determining the most effective defense strategy. For example, a juvenile second-degree assault charge can often be negotiated down to third-degree assault. Under the same logic, with an experienced lawyer of your side, an aggravated assault charge may be downgraded to simple assault.

Our lawyers are prepared to defend our juvenile clients and their families against all types of assault charges, including cases involving the following factors:

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